Microsoft Office for Mac

Talent, intelligence, leadership, personable character...Anne is a valuable asset to any team.


Jamie Cabaccang

User Experience Designer II


I would jump at the opportunity to work with Anne again! 


Susan Zielinski

Executive and Internal Communications

The Seattle Times

Looking back, I see Anne's tenure as a features editor at the Seattle Times as a pinnacle for the paper.


Heather McKinnon

Senior Producer, MSN; Former Art Director


Anne's writing is engaging, creative, accurate. She is a superior collaborator...and an excellent creative talent.


Kristopher Kaiyala

Creative Director


Anne created career paths where there were none. She is a strong leader and a great editor.


Alison Weatherby

Marketing Manager

University of Washington

Natural leadership...Anne sincerely cares.


Leigh Tucker
Communications and Marketing Strategist

Seattle Magazine

I couldn't have asked for a better boss. I have been consistently amazed by both the breadth and depth of Anne's knowledge.


Brangien Davis
Arts Editor, Seattle Magazine